Out of all the diseases present in the world, cancer is the most dreaded one of all. Everyone is scared when he/she hears the word cancer. Cancer is of many types and can lead to severe consequences even death if not diagnosed at the right stage. However, most cancers can be beaten as there are many treatments coming out every day that help you to fight with cancers. Cancer happens when abnormal cells divide without control and start invading other tissues. Though, medical oncology is constantly focusing on the study and treatment of various malignant… Read Article →

Although science and technology has developed tremendously, the number of victims prone to prostate cancer is on rise. The lack of awareness and knowledge about the disease is the main cause for the increase in number of victims succumbing to this disease in recent time. Even younger men are affected with this stealth killer. There are many causes for the disease such as hereditary, gene alteration, environmental effects and so on, but the main cause of the disease is still unknown. Early symptoms of the disease include increased frequency of urination, low pressure of urine… Read Article →

Certain people are at risk of having or getting some forms of cancer. With colon cancer, for example, those with certain conditions (such as chron’s disease), with certain symptoms (such as blood in the stool), or with family members who have had colon cancer (especially first degree relatives) are at risk. If an individual both has a family history and in addition has complaints of symptoms for example rectal bleeding, doctors generally concur that a colonoscopy is necessary so as to find out whether the person has colon cancer or rule it out. In addition… Read Article →

“I had my breast implants put in 28 years ago. My gynecologist thinks they look fine. My question is, when should they be replaced?” –Judith M., Newport Beach, CA This is a very good question, Judith. I’m glad you asked because it’s one that we hear every week at our practice! I’ll start with some brief background. The first silicone breast implants were inserted in the mid 1960s. By the mid-1970s, when I began doing surgery, breast implant procedures had become mainstream. During these early years, I don’t recall much discussion with manufacturers, other physicians,… Read Article →

Have you been troubled by constipation of late? Constipation is a familiar problem to most of the people. This is partly due to bad eating lifestyle, although it can also be as a result of obstruction of the bowel in your body food system. Have you ever known that you should at least have one bowel evacuation for every meal you take, and a minimum of two daily? If you have an extensive constipation, probably for more than a week, you are supposed to visit a health expert for examination. It is not advisable to… Read Article →

Liver is an important organ that performs a number of different functions like maintaining fluid balance in the body, handling toxic substances etc. It also produces bile that is instrumental in breaking down fat. Occurrence of cancer in the liver is termed as liver cancer. Symptoms of liver cancer: Liver cancer is very common larges countries in world wide. Generally is discovered at a very advanced stage of cancer disease for several reasons. In addition, patients from these regions actually have more aggressive liver cancer disease. live cancer tumor usually reaches an advanced stage and… Read Article →

Bromelain consists of two enzymes that digest proteins, otherwise known as proteases or proteolytic enzymes. These enzymes are obtained from different parts of the plant, one from the stem and the other from the fruit. It also includes protease inhibitors, acid phosphatase, peroxidase and calcium. First used as a supplement in 1959, bromelain is particularly popular in Germany, where a lot of the recent research has been carried out. Because the stem enzyme is in the greatest amount, eating pineapple will not give a great deal of bromelain, and you will have to take the… Read Article →

A good diet for reducing a fatty liver can be implemented to stop and/or reverse excessive fat in the liver without keeping you from enjoying many of the foods you love. Like a healthy diet for the average person, moderation and balance are the keys. Although you will need to find more healthy alternatives for some of the things you eat and keep a closer eye on your food consumption, you’ll still find a multitude of delicious liver friendly recipes to satisfy your taste buds. Fatty liver disease (FLD) generally falls into one of two… Read Article →

When we hear of someone suffering from cancer, the first thing that comes to mind is where the cancer has taken residence on the person. Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that affects the prostate gland of the male reproductive organ and is known to affect elderly men over the age of fifty. There is something peculiar about this cancer; it has a very long latency period in which a patient may be unaware that he is suffering from cancer. This means that a patient may even die due to an unrelated ailment vice… Read Article →

I have always enjoyed traveling, I’ve been as far north as Sweden as far East as Laos and also Europe, Egypt and the Middle East. I always had some idea where my destination was going to be. But this new journey was to be very different from the rest, with more dark twists, turns and elements of the unexpected then any of the others. This new journey began in January 2002. I was then Assistant Supervisor in the Vitamin section of a very busy Pharmacy (Drug Store). I had just been promoted to this position… Read Article →