Stomach Cancer: Origin and Symptoms

Before getting a solution for any problem, we have to go in depth of that problem. Here we are talking about the stomach cancer because it has been the most famous disease, which is leading the fifth place of the cause of death and it is also increasing rapidly. As over the world, there are many types of cancer, by which people are suffering, but the reason is same in all situations or location. We mean to say that the reason of origin of cancer is the same, but it gets differ to one another due to the part of the body. It can never reflect to only a disease, infect cancer means many diseases.

Origin of cancer

Basically, there are many cells in a human body which works all the process of a body and these cells are the basic unit of the human body. However, these cells grow up and get divided into more cells to produce new cells, which are needed to keep the human body healthy and strong. After getting older they get damaged and die or replaced by new cells.

But sometimes, the whole process goes wrong, like cells get older, but don’t die and new cells also get produce, then this process affects the normal cell growth, because the body doesn’t need the old cells or this is the main reason of the cancer. As this extra cell is the mass of tissue or the tumor.

Symptoms of stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is increasing gradually and it’s not sure that it will definitely produce some symptoms, or it may specify some other symptoms that are related not only to stomach but can also relate to other disorders. Basically In its early stage, it may be hidden, but by the time, it could occur in its advanced stage, so that, any ignorance to identifying the stomach cancer could be the reason of trouble. Basically, by some symptoms, it could be identifying or you can get the solution as soon as possible.

* Heartburn
* Loss of appetite
* Abdominal discomfort
* Diarrhea
* Bleeding in intestine
* Painless deep jaundice
* Alteration In bowel habits

As these are not specific to identify the stomach cancer, but mentioned above are enough to take it seriously and ask for the remedy and remember some of these also can be the indications of other stomach diseases like, a stomach infection, gastric cancer, etc. because cancer can attract many cancer of stomach like:

* Colon or rectal cancer
* Gastric cancer

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