Eating Broccoli Regularly Cuts the Risk of Prostate Cancer

Although science and technology has developed tremendously, the number of victims prone to prostate cancer is on rise. The lack of awareness and knowledge about the disease is the main cause for the increase in number of victims succumbing to this disease in recent time. Even younger men are affected with this stealth killer. There are many causes for the disease such as hereditary, gene alteration, environmental effects and so on, but the main cause of the disease is still unknown.

Early symptoms of the disease include increased frequency of urination, low pressure of urine flow, blood stains in urine or semen, fever etc. There are so many treatment options for the disease, but the treatments bring adverse side effects to the body along with side effects of the disease. Prevention is best way to avoid the disease and lead a healthy life.

Regular intake of a nutritious and balanced diet helps to keep the disease at bay. Based upon a recent study, it has been found that regular consumption of Broccoli cuts the risk involved with prostate cancer. Sulforaphane present in broccoli has the ability to help heal prostate cancer. Alteration in genes is one of the main causes for prostate cancer; sulforaphane interacts with cells which lack the gene called PTEN and reduces the danger of developing prostate cancer.

A series of research was conducted on human prostate tissue and mice. Study concluded that there was interaction between PTEN gene and anti cancer activity of sulforaphane.

PTEN is a gene which is also called as ‘tumor suppressor gene’. Inactivation or deletion of the PTEN gene is the main cause for the development of prostate cancer. Carcinogenesis activity can be controlled by PTEN gene, but alteration or deletion of this gene increases carcinogenic activity.

Broccoli contains sulforaphane which can stimulate the activity of PTEN gene and reduce the carcinogenic activity in the body. It also reduces the risk involved in prostate cancer. More than 150 men above age of fifty affected with prostate cancer were given broccoli in their diet thrice a week, after a duration of 6 months these men were screened for PSA. Tests revealed that levels of PSA level lowered in more than 90% of men.

Prostate cancer can be controlled efficiently by taking a balanced diet and consuming broccoli regularly. Prevention is the best way to keep the disease at bay; you can avoid ‘knee jerk’ reaction by including broccoli in your food selection.

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