Liver cancer Symptoms

Liver is an important organ that performs a number of different functions like maintaining fluid balance in the body, handling toxic substances etc. It also produces bile that is instrumental in breaking down fat. Occurrence of cancer in the liver is termed as liver cancer.

Symptoms of liver cancer:

Liver cancer is very common larges countries in world wide. Generally is discovered at a very advanced stage of cancer disease for several reasons. In addition, patients from these regions actually have more aggressive liver cancer disease. live cancer tumor usually reaches an advanced stage and causes symptoms more rapidly. Abdominal pain is the most common symptom of liver cancer and usually signifies a very large tumor or widespread involvement of the liver and other symptom is weight loss.

The treatments for cancer of the liver are primitive by the measure (state) of illness, age, general health, the feelings and personal preferences. The surgery is the most effective treatment for cancer of the liver primitive, but that is not always possible because of the size or the location of the tumor. Radio-frequency ablation with an option for people with small tumors and non-hepatocellular for certain types of metastasis breast cancer in the liver.

There are two types of liver cancer, primary and secondary. Primary liver cancer means the tumour starts from the the liver. Hepatocellular cancer (abbreviated HCC) is the most common form (90 percent) of primary liver cancer. HCC originates from hepatocytes, the liver cells responsible for most of its functions. Other types of primary liver cancer are rare.

The exact cause is unknown in adults but in children it may be a genetic disease. Adult liver carcinomas may result from environmental exposure to carcinogens such as mold, contrast media (no longer in use), androgens and oral estrogens, the hepatitis B virus or by damage to the liver due to cirrhosis caused by too much prolonged imbibing of alcohol.

Primary liver cancer instances in the United States are increasing over the years as are metastatic cancer or cancer that spreads to the liver from other parts of the body. These cancers are not labelled as liver cancer but as metastatic cancer of whatever organ they originated from (i.e. metastatic colon cancer for cancer of the colon spreading into the liver).

All in all, this can be prevented by reducing one’s intake of alcohol, even to nil if possible. The use of illegal drugs via injections, having unprotected sex which may cause Hepatitis C and smoking are also not recommended. Undeniably, if you start to experience symptoms of abdominal enlargement, loss of appetite, vomiting, drastic unintentional weight loss, tiredness and jaundice then visit a doctor ASAP! Now let us take a look at colon cancer.

It is seldom for this disease to show jaundice as soon as the tumor overcomes gradually to the bile duct. Jaundice happens to this condition due sloughing tumor in the bile duct along with the bleeding that is clotting into the bile duct that causes blocking of the duct.


1-Vaccinate against hepatitis B virus. In Singapore, all newborns are vaccinated
2-Avoid contact with known liver carcinogens, especially alcohol
3-Avoid heavy meat and animal fat intake. Avoid mouldy peanuts and grains
4-Go for regular screening if you are in the high risk group

While homeopathic and/or herbal remedies cannot claim to cure liver cancer there have been a number of encouraging clinical trials which support their use as an additional tool in sustaining overall health and energy levels. Natural supplemental remedies for liver cancer work by boosting immune function as well as cleansing and purifying your pet’s body.

The causes of this cancer are found to be; HBV (Hepatitis B virus) infection, which is primary cause for this cancer. HCV (Hepatitis C virus) infection is also responsible for the this type of cancer, alcohol consumption, aflatoxin B1 (it is a chemical) present in some food that has been stored in hot and humid environment.

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