The Benefits of Tomatoes (Lycopene) and the Prostate

When we hear of someone suffering from cancer, the first thing that comes to mind is where the cancer has taken residence on the person. Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that affects the prostate gland of the male reproductive organ and is known to affect elderly men over the age of fifty. There is something peculiar about this cancer; it has a very long latency period in which a patient may be unaware that he is suffering from cancer. This means that a patient may even die due to an unrelated ailment vice the actual prostate cancer. A lot of men ask this question, how do I improve my prostrate health? Today, tomatoes which contain an antioxidant called lycopene have been discovered to have a beneficial effect when it comes to reducing an enlarged prostate.

Lycopene is the compound that makes tomatoes look appealing in there color. It is the carotenoid responsible for the redness of tomatoes. It is found in its highest concentration when the tomato is in the ripening stage which is the recommended time for consumption. This compound is not an essential nutrient for mankind but when consumed through tomatoes and other sources, it is taken by the blood to areas like the testis, liver and adrenal grand. Prostate foods now include tomato supplements because of this beneficial claim on tomatoes aiding with prostate health. The benefits of tomatoes on the prostrate occurs when the lycopene blocks or prevents those free radicals that help the body in activating oxygen radical molecules that destroys or damages the cells of the body. It is not only tomatoes that contain this carotenoid but it is known to have the highest concentration of this compound. Some people consistently eat fresh tomatoes and still develop prostate cancer which is where the confusion comes about this claim. The fact is that cooked tomatoes such as tomato paste or sauce have a higher concentration of lycopene than when it is eaten raw or drunk as a juice.

A prostrate diet that includes tomato sauce or paste would go a long way in reducing prostate inflammation and eventually aid in preventing the growth of cells activated by oxygen radical molecules. There are liquid supplements and soft gel capsules that are specially designed to meet the body’s requirement of lycopene for men which is advisable for every male’s daily consumption. There is a multitude of research that is trying to make better use of this powerful tomato antioxidant in curing prostate cancer permanently. A patient suffering from an enlarged prostate can make do with a good supplement that contains this compound when he is targeting foods for a healthy prostrate. The beneficial effects of lycopene on the prostate gland have helped many men improve their prostate health.

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