Tips for comfortable senior travel

Now that you’re retired, you have plenty of time to travel to all of the faraway places that have interested you for years.  You want to be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the dreams that you’ve been waiting to bring to fruition for all of your working years.  Let’s look at some tips to make your travel experience safe and comfortable for you no matter what your age.

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  • Have a checkup with your doctor before you travel.  It’s always a good idea to make sure that all of your systems are working up to their optimum level so you won’t have to encounter different healthcare professionals with whom you aren’t familiar.
    • Use a wheelchair when you need one and make your reservations in advance. With more and more retired people travelling, the use of a wheelchair may come at a premium if you don’t arrange for one ahead of time. Even if you think you won’t need one, if you’re travelling abroad having one handy might be just what you need to get through a busy airport.
    • Take your cane and walker.  There are many types of folding devices available to help you navigate through airports.  Having your own personal one available will provide you with the confidence that you need to move from place to place.
    • Place all of your medications in your carry-on luggage.  You don’t want to experience your medications getting lost by the airlines so make sure that your meds are packed where you can carry them yourself.  Be sure to check the appropriate size of lotions and creams that are restricted by some airlines.
    • Move your legs and feet as you travel.  When you are inactive, muscles and joints are impacted the most.  Stretch your feet and legs when you can and when it’s acceptable, move about the method of transportation that you’re using to improve circulation.
    • Be sure to drink fluids.  Water will be the best selection for you; avoid alcohol and soft drinks because of their dehydration to your system.  If you are diabetic, take extra precautions so that you won’t get dehydrated and cause some serious side effects to occur.
    • Make sure that the clothing that you wear is loose-fitting. You’ll be more comfortable and your blood will be able to circulate better.  You should not wear tight socks but do consider compression stockings if you have circulation problems.

    Before you travel, a visit to the website can provide you with an array of products that will make travel more comfortable and convenient for you.  Whether you’re looking for an alarm clock a neck support cushion or support hose, you’ll be able to find quality items at affordable rates.  It’s best to plan ahead for your trip; you want your dream holiday to be everything that you dreamed that it would be and you should feel healthy so that you can enjoy it.  Take the time to purchase products that will provide you with comfort and good health and well-being when you travel.

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