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Another month in the review mirror!  It’s crazy how quickly the months are flying by.  We so hope that you enjoyed focusing on community this month.  We loved meeting our neighbors, helping our friends, creating networks to help support our goals, unplugging ourselves from our TVs, phones, and gadgets and quite simply trying to help […]

In the spirit of community, we put together some of our favorite products that help our global community and the planet as a whole!  These are such inspiring companies and are certainly a great way to give back while you’re getting some pretty fun stuff for yourself or your own friends and family. 1. Booda […]

Dare!Published April 26, 2013 at 2:34 pm

How many success stories have you heard where someone said that they had no help and they did everything on their own?  I’m guessing none, although I am more than happy to be proven wrong.  My point is, that while success certainly has to come from a driven and creative individual, no one can do […]

It’s so funny how every single time we have picked a theme, that particular concept ends up coming up for me over and over again during the month.  This Saturday, I’m moving and while moving is always stressful and certainly while you are teaching, rehearsing for two shows, auditioning, working, writing a blog, and keeping […]

With all of the fear, anger, and grief marking this week, there is nothing more powerful we can do for ourselves and for our community than to do something truly lovely for someone around us.  Last night I took the train into Union Station and there were officers with machine guns and bomb-sniffing dogs everywhere.  […]

One of the greatest strengths community provides is the reflection of the good, the positive, and the beautiful within one another to one another.  I saw this video Dove released yesterday and was touched at the message.  I realized that when I describe what my closest friends look like, I often see the things that […]

There is nothing that can be said to make yesterday’s events in Boston make sense.  All that we can hold onto is that there truly are more people out there who believe in love, who believe in peace, who believe in respect than those who believe in fear, pain, and destruction.  While we cannot predict […]

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend, filled with rest, community, and fun!  As I was getting back into the swing of things this morning, I realized that the weekend I just had fit right in with the theme we are discussing this month.  I went to Santa Ynez with a bunch of […]

Dare!Published April 12, 2013 at 9:23 am

The summer after eighth grade, I volunteered at a hospital in Denver.  I must have clocked over 150 hours of volunteer work that summer between the daycare center, information desk, delivering flowers, manning the desk at the gift shop and being the go-fer in my mom’s office.  Looking back, every skill I have ever used […]

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