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Wicked 7-25-2016Monday7:00 PM Gershwin TheatreNew York, NY View Tickets Wicked 7-26-2016Tuesday7:00 PM Gershwin TheatreNew York, NY View Tickets Wicked 7-27-2016Wednesday2:00 PM Gershwin TheatreNew York, NY View Tickets Wicked 7-27-2016Wednesday7:00 PM Gershwin TheatreNew York, NY View Tickets Wicked 7-28-2016Thursday8:00 PM Gershwin TheatreNew York, NY View Tickets Wicked 7-29-2016Friday2:00 PM Gershwin TheatreNew York, NY View Tickets Wicked 7-29-2016Friday8:00 PM Gershwin TheatreNew York, NY View Tickets Wicked 7-30-2016Saturday2:00 PM Gershwin TheatreNew York, NY View Tickets Wicked 7-30-2016Saturday8:00 PM Gershwin TheatreNew York, NY View Tickets Wicked 8-1-2016Monday7:00 PM Gershwin TheatreNew York, NY View Tickets Wicked 8-2-2016Tuesday7:00 PM Gershwin TheatreNew… Read Article →

One of the most underrated recycling programs available to the public today are toner cartridge recycling initiatives. These recycling programs offer a full spectrum of benefits for everyone involved. Let’s look at it from the initial steps to the end result. Initially, a consumer purchases a brand name toner cartridge from a retailer or receives it with their printer purchase. Three months later, the cartridge is empty, and the consumer needs to dispose of it. Their neighbor regularly recycled toner cartridges, so they give him the empty cartridge. The neighbor is enrolled in a toner… Read Article →

Now that you’re retired, you have plenty of time to travel to all of the faraway places that have interested you for years.  You want to be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the dreams that you’ve been waiting to bring to fruition for all of your working years.  Let’s look at some tips to make your travel experience safe and comfortable for you no matter what your age. All of the items that you’ll need for travel comfort can be found at Have a checkup with your doctor before you travel.  It’s… Read Article →

Drug Name Hoodia Weight Loss Patch Drug Uses Hoodia Weight Loss Patch will assist in decreasing your appetite as well as increasing your energy, helping you to lose weight naturally, safely and effectively. How Taken Application is simple and convenient. Just place a Hoodia Weight Loss Patch on the wrist, arm, or some other smooth part of the body, just like a band-aid. The special formula is absorbed immediately into the skin (transdermal delivery) and goes right into the bloodstream where it goes to work at once, and keeps on working. Each box contains 10… Read Article →

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3 Apr Tramadol 50 mg Posted by admin 3 April, 2009 There are three different variations of tramadol that are currently available. Depending on your particular diagnosis, your doctor will prescribe one of these dosages for your pain relief needs. You will either be prescribed tramadol 50 mg, tramadol 100 mg, or tramadol XR, which is the extended release formula. You can also expect that you might be prescribed Ultram or Ultram XR, in the same concentrations. Don’t be alarmed, because this is the same medication as tramadol, it is just the brand name version… Read Article →

Another month in the review mirror!  It’s crazy how quickly the months are flying by.  We so hope that you enjoyed focusing on community this month.  We loved meeting our neighbors, helping our friends, creating networks to help support our goals, unplugging ourselves from our TVs, phones, and gadgets and quite simply trying to help […] In the spirit of community, we put together some of our favorite products that help our global community and the planet as a whole!  These are such inspiring companies and are certainly a great way to give back while… Read Article →

Looks like the stuff is working. While I have less hair now than at any point in my life, I am happy to report that the devastatingly  rapid hair loss and tingling has basically stopped or has tapered to normal.  As I mentioned at the start of this experiment, my hair was falling out at a dramatic rate. I was literally losing a hundred hairs a day. No new growth yet, but I am relived that at least  I can slow down or completely stop the hair loss with this stuff. The next step is… Read Article →

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