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Culinary¬†Gallery …A DETAILED PREVIEW OF WHAT 7 HAS TO OFFER Spring Cucumber Salad w/ pickled radish, tomato,mesulun greens. roasted garlic aioli Crispy Potato Tots w/ a Guava Gastrique, alfalfa sprouts “Meatloaf” tomato jam, potato puree, crispy brussels sprouts, Merlot demi glace Deconstructed “Candy Apple” Pan Roasted Apple, thyme, apple caramel, lemon cream. “Torta Frita” caramelized apples, grapefruit reduction Smoked Salmon Tartare avocado, radish, chive, plantain powder Potato Risotto braised shitake, scallions, basil oil Espresso Braised Short Rib caramelized heirloom carrot, curried tomatillo, espresso demi glace Oven Roasted Pork Tenderloin Bay Carrot Risotto, Braised Red Cabage,… Read Article →