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Obesity is not a disease, but it is the major cause of many deadly disease including heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, allergies and many others. Over the past few years, the number of obese has increased significantly primarily because of the sedentary lifestyles, lack of physical activity and excessive in-take of junk food.

According to a survey published by the World Health Organization (WHO), worldwide obesity has doubled since 1980; around 65% of the world population is over-weight. Furthermore, the survey also highlighted that approximately 2.8 million people die each year because of obesity and overweight. The situation is alarming for all those who are victims of obesity, and it’s time to think about getting rid of that excess fat around your belly and bump, that not only makes you look ugly but is very harmful for health, as well.

What is Obesity?

A lot of people don’t even come to know when they have crossed the line of overweight and got obese. Obesity in the simplest context is defined as excess fat accumulation in the body that may impair health. The measurement index for body fat is BMI (Body Mass Index). A BMI over 30 indicates obesity and is an alarm to lose weight.

Now losing excessive weight is one of the biggest problems in the world for people who love to eat. Dieting, exercise, walk all these never seem to work, and the weight seems to increase with every passing day. Now the question is how to get rid of this excessive fat that makes us look ugly and is harmful for our health.

Is Diet Pills The Right Answer?

Diet pills have been out in the market since 1930s, but were considered very injurious to health and most people never opted for them. Continuous research in this field has shown some beneficial results for those in need. Many renowned pharmaceutical companies are now involved in research and diet pills are coming out in the market which seems to work well for people. Diet pills are a multibillion dollar industry in USA as more than half of its population is overweight or obese. These diet pills seem to be a solution for such people but the question is – do they actually deliver what they promise? Do these diet pills actually make you lose weight with no or minimal side effects? Are these diet drugs safe for everyone? New few lines will answer all these concerns that most people have while opting for diet drugs.

Types of Diet Pills

Diet Pills from many companies and brands are readily available in the market, these can be broadly categorized as

  • Prescription Diet Pills – Prescription Diet Pills can be termed as the safe diet pills available, as they are approved by FDA (Food and Drug Authority) and are only given on doctor’s prescription. These are usually prescribed by doctors those who are at risk because of obesity. Most common prescription drugs include Meridia and Xenical. These drugs, when prescribed, need to be carefully administered by the patient
  • Over–The-Counter – Over–The-Counter drugs can easily be obtained by anyone from the local drug store or super market. They are also approved by FDA (Food and Drug Authority), but the research on these medicines is not as extensive as on prescription diet pills, hence they are likely to have certain side effects
  • Herbal Diet Pills – Herbal Diet Pills are also available easily like OTC pills, but they are differently treated and considered in the food category instead of drug by FDA. Most of the times herbal or natural diet pills will be tagged as all natural and side effect free and hence people are less reluctant to purchase them. People usually have this misconception that anything that is herbal or natural is good for health

Having talked about the different types of diet pills available in the market, we will now analyze the results and the side effects of these diet pills, in order to make it crystal clear for all those who wish to lose weight using these diet pills but are hesitant due to lack of awareness.

Diet Pills- Do The Really Work?

Prescription drugs as mentioned earlier go under a rigorous testing process and are approved only when found safe and effective.
Prescription diet pills can be used in two different ways to help reduce excess weight:

  • Fat Blocker: Xenica is a fat blocker that stops fat from getting absorbed in the intense and excretes the excessive fat through the skin in the form of oil and oily stool. This is considered to be the safest as it does not get absorbed in the blood stream. Doctors even prescribe this drug to cardiac patients. The other two famous prescription drugs help in reducing hunger and are ideal for people who are in a habit of eating too much
  • Appetite Suppressants: Medicines such as Meridia and Phentermine send neuro-transmission signals to the brain, enabling the person taking the pill to eat less. Both these drugs are also safe, and FDA approved. All these are commonly given by doctors, and work for people and there are hundreds of successful cases who have reached their ideal BMI with the help of these drugs

Over-the-counter diet pills are very tempting alternative for anyone planning to lose weight. However, before investing your time, money and risking your health, it is very important to know if these over the counter diet pills will actually work or not. Most over-the-counter diet pills have very less research to support their results, which is why it is dangerous to use these pills without doctor’s advice. There are certain side effects that are associated with each of these available over the counter drugs.

According to FDA reports, nearly 50% of more over the counter diet pills are ineffective or very mildly effective, hence extreme caution should be taken when opting for over the counter diet pills. When buying over the counter diet pills always ask for the effective one and not for the one that yields quick results.

There is no significant research regarding herbal or natural diet pills and their effectiveness, they work well for some people and for some they just don’t work at all. It depends on the person’s metabolism and eating habits whether a particular diet pill will work well for them or not.

Diet Pills- Who should take them?

There is so much hype about diet pills that anyone, who wish to lose weight, sees taking diet pills as their first option. However, many doctors do not recommend this, they would only prescribe safe diet pills to those individuals who maintain a healthy life style and are still unable to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

Prescription diet pills and weight loss drugs work well for those patients, who maintain a healthy lifestyle, have small healthy meal portions and are able to avoid fatty food. According to the Editor of “The Practical Guide: Identification, evaluation and treatment of obesity and over weight in Adults” diets pills work only for one third people and the results can be seen in 4 to 6 weeks. Diet pills are not recommended to those who are just slightly overweight, but it is meant for those with a BMI of 30 or higher and especially to those who have obesity related diseases.

Weight Loss Is Difficult But Not Impossible

We all know weight loss is an important issue in our life and we all want to have that dream body of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. However, what we forget in this quest for slim and trim figure is that these people do not take diet pills only, they have maintained a healthy lifestyle throughout their life.

Natural diet pills definitely work, but those of you who think that diet pills will work “miracle” for you with no change in your eating habits are grossly mistaken. Changing lifestyle is the core of any medication, exercise or weight loss regime. Consulting with your doctor in weight loss is one of the best routes you can take for effective weight loss. Over the counter diet pills do seem very attractive and lesser in price as compared to prescription diet pills, but if weight loss is so important why risk it? It is always better to consult a doctor and ask for his/her opinion before using diet pills.

Use Diet Pill That Works

Being overweight not only makes us look ugly, feel tired and lethargic but is also injurious to health. It’s time that we take that excessive belly fat seriously and start working towards getting rid of it. One of the best possible and minimal time consuming way is the diet pills available in the market. Over-the-counter drugs seem to work well but at a very moderate speed. Prescription diet pills, however, are FDA approved with no or minimal side effects and good results.

So, get up and start working with your weight loss plan with safe diet pills.

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