Straight and Beautiful Teeth – Invisalign or Braces?

Every adult and child fully deserves to enjoy straight and beautiful teeth. Your smile will be brighter and you will appreciate the benefits of great oral health when your teeth are straight and healthy. This will leave everyone with a beautiful smile. If you are considering having your teeth straightened, you ought to consult with a specialist that has the experience and the knowledge to ensure that excellence in your oral care is provided.

Braces or Invisalign
These are both options that will work for your oral health. The key is to make an individual choice regarding which will be best for your teeth. You will be presented with your option in a clear and concise manner. You can rely on receiving guidance from a qualified and trustworthy professional in making the decision that will be best for you. When you are in need of having your teeth straightened you can count on your orthodontist to offer you excellence for your oral health needs. Invisalign and braces are both designed to offer straight and beautiful teeth. This will be a big decision and you will need every one of your questions answered if you intend on making an informed choice.

Invisalign for Results
Invisalign is a product that is designed to be a bit more discrete while straightening your teeth. This is invisible to the eye. This is clear and smooth and will be worn over your teeth. This will gently and subtly move your teeth. These are aligner trays that are made of smooth and comfortable materials.

Braces and Solutions
Braces will provide you with good solutions for straight teeth issues. The braces have metal brackets that are glued to your teeth. These are then tied together by tiny rubber bands and wires. In this day and age, you have the option of getting brackets that will closely match your teeth.

Comparing with Pros and Cons
Braces pros
*Braces are irremovable, success will be achieved without self discipline
*must wear 24/7 for approximately two years
*the cost may be 1,800 dollars
*brackets and wires must be brushed when brushing teeth on a regular basis
*will need a follow up visit monthly
*only regular brushing is required. No extra maintenance needed.

Invisalign pros
*approximate cost is 5,000 dollars
*can be rinsed and brushed in rinsing trays, use luke warm water, or a water pick
*eating will not be difficult
*a water pick may be used for cleaning
*food will not get caught

Braces Cons
*brushing required after every meal
*they cannot be taken out
*it is hard to determine if success is higher with braces versus Invisalign
*they are not invisible

Invisalign Cons
*tooth movement might cause discomfort
*will need to remove prior to drinking and eating except water
*this may not be the ideal choice for those with back teeth problems or issues
*not necessarily ideal for those who play rough contact sports

Good Options for Good Teeth
Every person will appreciate these two options that will leave your teeth healthy and beautiful. You can have a professional orthodontist help you to decide which will be the right choice for you. You can use the budget options to help you fit this cost into your own budget. Satisfaction will be achieved along with good, healthy, and

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