Cancer that grows in the prostate gland is called prostate cancer. In most men, this is a slow process; most men will never know they have the condition. Detected in its earliest stages, prostate cancer can be effectively treated and cured. Many men, especially those later in life have made the decision with their doctors to simply watch and wait to see what, if anything, happens. At an advanced age, the risks of surgery for prostate cancer or other more radical treatments may be worse than the disease. Prostate cancer is deadly, but because it… Read Article →

Mesothelioma is one of the rarer forms of cancer with approximately 2000 cases reported in the UK each year. There are two types of mesothelioma; pleural mesothelioma (which causes the lining of the lungs to become thicker) and peritoneal mesothelioma (which causes the lining of the abdomen to become thicker). Both of these forms of cancer are almost always caused by asbestos exposure hence the nickname asbestos cancer. Despite it being one of the less common types of cancer there are still a number of tests out there which I will be outlining in this… Read Article →

Do you make saffron buns in your house? These buns are usually made during the occasion of St. Lucia’s feast day. Also known as Lussekatters, these were originally just made in Sweden. Now, with the increase in their demand, you can get these in different parts of this world. Apart from the taste and ease to prepare this dish, it is its health benefits that force people to have these buns often. Even as kids love having these saffron buns, they get the health benefits from the spices added in these buns. From the name… Read Article →

Breast Cancer is the form of cancer which affects the tissues of the cells in breasts. A spiteful tumor is a group of cancer cells that can grow into adjacent tissues or spread (metastasize) to distant areas of the body. The disease occurs almost entirely in women, but men can get it, too. According to study the breast cancer the originating from breast tissue, most commonly from the inner lining of milk ducts or the lobules that supply the channel with milk. This type of cancer is also affected both males and females as well…. Read Article →

To increase profitability Reynolds America, the second largest U.S. tobacco company, introduced a new product – snus. Snus is a tiny, tea-bag-like pouch of tobacco that’s tucked between cheek and gum. It was invented in Sweden, but has been banned by all other European Union nations since 2004 because of carcinogen concerns. Although researchers say snus would cut down on lung and heart disease, it could increase lesions and pancreatic cancer. Although Reynolds says no secondhand smoke or spitting makes snus a win-win product, its claim that snus is a safe alternative to cigarettes and… Read Article →

Tea is the most beloved drink of numerous people around the world. Fame and glory of tea has pushed scientists to perform study on the benefits of drinking tea. Amid all the three well-liked types of tea that is to say green, black and oolong or wu-long tea; green tea has attained credit for being the healthiest and most useful tea. We have being hearing about loads of health benefits of green tea. The Chinese population is recognized to make major green tea consumption. Right from the olden times, the Chinese have preferred drinking green… Read Article →

In the present scenario, males are equally responsible for infertility. Low quality, as well as a quantity of sperm, is the major cause of infertility found in the men. The inability to effectively ejaculate is also a reason that prevents a man in making a woman pregnant after having unprotected sex. Assessing the semen is not just the amount of sperm can fertilize the egg but also that they are fertile and healthy looking. Testicular Biopsy: The testicular biopsy is a method used to:Know the causes of male infertilityKnow the location and conditions of lump… Read Article →

At Esthetique Dentistry, we frequently perform a wide variety of general dental procedures, so you can rest assured that yours will be performed by a skilled and experienced medical professional. With an arsenal of state-of-the-art equipment and an expert multidisciplinary staff dedicated to your dental health, we are in a unique position to offer best-in-class dental care. Oral and Dental Wellness We have built our practice with the goal of delivering oral and dental wellness to our patients. Our doctors and staff are devoted to delivering on this goal. This section describes what oral and… Read Article →

To understand Diabetes cures, we should comprehend the basics of diabetes. The definition of Diabetes as given out by the National Diabetes Statistics, 2007 is that it is a group of diseases marked by high levels of blood glucose, also called blood sugar. It is caused by defects in insulin production, insulin action or both. It can lead to serious complications and premature death. The silver lining is that people with the complaint of diabetes can take steps to control the disease in order to lower the risk of complications. As per the same statistics,… Read Article →

Neutering a dog: Neutering (Spaying) a female dog requires the removal of the uterus and the ovaries. The operation is invasive and requires making an incision in the dogs’ abdomen. The ovaries affect the dogs production of hormones and these, if left intact, would help the bitch to develop into a possible puppy breeding factory (After all this is what nature intended). With neutering (Castrating) a male dog the testes, which produce the hormone testosterone, are removed under anesthetic. This helps to stop the hormone from circulating around the body of the dog and in… Read Article →